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We're a bunch of animals...but only because of our masks!

We have been making some masks of the animals of India, and have been having fun and learning in the process. So what's the national animal of India?
Picture 1 Just the eyes to go...
Picture 2 Scary (the mask that is!)
Picture 3 Ssspectacular!
Picture 4 We won't forget what we're making
Picture 5 Mine's done as well!
Picture 6 Theo's caught off guard by the frightening tiger
Picture 7 We love monkeying around!
Picture 8 Now, where did I put that feather?
Picture 9 Mine's done!
Picture 10 I've finished!
Picture 11 You're a tiger, roar!!!
Picture 12 I've finished!
Picture 13 Mine's done!
Picture 14 Mine's done!
Picture 15 Easy tiger!
Picture 16 Ssssuper!
Picture 17 He's monkeying around!
Picture 18 Cheeky monkey!
Picture 19 Say roar!
Picture 20 Monkey business!