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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!
Lynn Luther:               Aministrative Assistant
Paul Wichard:            Year 2 teacher and senior teacher
Fran Harding:             Headteacher
Melissa Richter:         SEN teaching assistant
Louise King:               Reception class teacher and THRIVE specialist.
Alison Maggs:            Teaching Assistant
Michele Tarrant:         Teaching Assistant
Wendy Sanders:        Year 6 class teacher Acting Deputy Headteacher
Lucy Grabham:          Reception class teacher
Abi Lethbridge:          Deputy headteacher ( currently on Maternity Leave) 
Phil Day:                     Year 6 class teacher Acting Deputy Headteacher
Rachel Webb:            Year 4 class teacher and THRIVE specialist
Jane Fussell:              SEN teaching assistant
Claire Adams:            Teaching assistant and THRIVE specialist
Tracey Tite:                 Breakfast Club Leader and Lunchtime Supervisor
Claire Long:               Senior Lunchtime Supervisior
Sam Burt:                   Teaching Assistant and THRIVE specialist
Jackie Bennett:         Assistant Chef
Philippa Kershaw:    French teacher
Pat Hudd:                   cleaning staff 
Joy Dando:                cleaning staff, lunchtime Ranger and breakfast club
Karen Parker:           Parent Support Advisor and Breakfast Club Manager
Wendy Ford:             administrative assistant. 
Tim Burke:                Class teacher  Year 5
Amy Treharne:         Class Teacher Year 3
Kate Sapoff               Reception class teacher