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Welcome to Willow


Term 6

Welcome to the final term for our year six learners at the Meadows! I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with the class. I will be in every morning working alongside Mrs Lethbridge in week 1, then I am back full time from week 2.
 At the end of term 5, we had a bit of a taster of our end of year production - Robin Hood and the Sherwood Hoodies - and it was fantastic to see everyone start with this! There are some confident actors in the class and I can feel that it is going to be a fantastic production!
So, this term we have lots of things to keep us busy! We have got rehearsals going on across the term, which will intensify as we get closer to the production. Keep an eye out for a letter regarding ideas for costumes and when the dates for production are. We also have parody stories and instructional writing to do, some transition work for maths up to secondary school, children will be visiting their new schools for taster days, the residential of course (a link for this will be created on our class page so you can keep up to date with our daily blog and photos), leavers service and a few more things up our sleeves!

Here's to a great final term at the Meadows with Willow class 2014-15! 


Week 1

Well, I'm pleased to say that it has been a lovely week to go back into Willow class. The children have made lots of progress and it was great just to get back to grips with everything. I have been impressed by their instruction writings and the maths investigation on the nth term was brilliant! Children really explored various formulas of shapes and perimters. Children were cracking on with investigating shapes that were not quadrilateral, alternating shapes, using measures with decimals in and looking at triangles. Children could work out patterns fast and have all grasped how to use a formula to find infinite calculations! 
It has been good to get going with the production once again, this will of course step up over the next few weeks. We only have 4 rehearsal weeks left before it's showtime! 
Remember that it is your responsibility to source costumes for your child, we have got a few bits and bobs in school, but not many.
Children need to aim to know their lines by Friday next week! As soon as their hands are script-free, they can really focus on the acting of the lines.
I can't wait to get back in there next week, I'm almost back to my usual self, but still can get tired quite quickly, so here's to a really enjoyable and friendly week in Willow class!

Week 2

Well, it has been a bonkers week to come back to! As tiring as it has been coming back full time, it has been wonderful to be back! We have kick-started our final writing piece with a parody story. Children have totally bought into the parody elements and have got a really nice grasp on it! They have all begun planning out their own parody stories and then have started to draft these up on Friday.
We have also done some nice PE, learning new versions of rounders, including risk and race rounders. The children have loved it! 
Ofcourse, we have also been going really hard on the production rehearsals. This is a true talent within the class, we have some really confident actors and they are getting really good at 'acting' their parts rather than just saying the lines.
Children are working hard to learn their lines, but weekend practice is still needed as well.
Don't forget to send the letter back in, indicating which performances you will be watching.
Costumes can come in from week beginning 29th June.

Have a good weekend and stay safe...we don't want any broken wrists or legs or any other injured body parts with camp looming so near!

Week 3

It's been a busy week in year 6 this week. I've been out a lot this week with courses and other lead responsibilities, but I have left the children in the capable hands of Mrs Jefferies and Mrs Kerfoot.
The children have worked SO hard on their parody stories and I have loved reading them. I have to particularly mention Steve's...he wrote his parody story based on the three little pigs, but the ending takes a fantastic twist that put chills down my spine! The children have also been throwing themselves into reharsals this week, with lots of great acting and singing. It is really coming together and the new stage has finally arrived so we can't wait to get going with that! It's going to be a great production!
So, next week, we are off to check on the class page for the separate link regarding our manor adventure times. I will update the blog each day and add photos...this will generally be in the evening each day. We are all excited to go on camp and can't wait to get going with all of the activities!
See you on Monday...
10am in the hall (or normal time at the front door)

The FINAL week

Wow! Firstly, apologies for not posting over the last couple of weeks. It's been a rollercoaster for me over the last few weeks! I'm so sorry that I had to leave camp a day early, but I was really poorly!
I came back on the last week of term after recovering. I wanted to spend time with the children before they move on.
We had an amazing final week together and I am really going to miss the class.
On Monday, we did a dress rehearsal infront of key stage 1! They were fantastic and showed amazing skills in front of their audience. I have not seen a group of actors as good as this class ever!
Tuesday and Wednesday were our performance days and both performances were incredible! The singing from all of key stage 2 was phenomenal and the acting was first class! They were honestly, the best actors I have seen go through this school in the five years that I have been here.

We spent Thursday morning hanging out as a class and I showed them a little video montage of their week at camp. It started a few tears off...
In the afternoon we went off to the church for their leavers service. The children were brilliant with their speeches and they gave it every effort to speak with eloquence and speak clearly. The children were all amazing in their speeches and they held it together really well. Some children shed some tears and this was heart-warming to see just how much their friends meant to one another and the realisation that their primary school security blanket was being lifted!

On Friday, the final day, the children had a great time at their water fight. Everyone played brilliantly and they were all having a wonderful time. There was a lot of soaked children by the end of it, including some reception children who ended up in the firing line. 
During the afternoon, we watched a movie and enjoyed each other's company and finally, spent some time outside on the field. It has been an eventful year in year 6 and the children have done brilliantly the whole way through! 

On a personal note, thank you so much for all the kind gifts and cards. The class present was amazing and had I opened that up in church, feeling as emotional as I was, tears would have been flowing!
It has been an emotional year for me and the children and parents of year 6 have made it so much easier to cope with everything. I feel so humbled by your support and am so thankful for it.
It has been an emotional week and I am extremely sad to be leaving year 6, teaching this year group is so special and you form such amazing relationships with each class! The level of maturity that the children hold means you can have a whole different experience with them and I will really miss it! Thank you for having me Willow class...I am heading back to where I started at The Meadows now and look forward to the challenges that await me in year 4!

Have an amazing summer everyone, keep in touch with your adventures in secondary school!

Miss Webb