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Summer Term 



Term 6

So, here we go, the final term of a wonderful learning journey in year 6. So much to look forward to this term.  This year has flown by and I can't believe we're on the final term of the year. Here's to a wonderful final term willow class, we've got 8 school weeks left before they all move on. It will be a sad, but exciting day for everyone. There's so much to look forward to over the term, including the residential ofcourse, which excitement is now bubbling about, our production of 'Shakespeare Rocks', our leavers assembly at St Mary's church and lots more. 
Teacher assessments are still ongoing in writing, reading, maths and science so lots more hard work is needed. Some think that this is the easiest term, but it is one of the busiest with everything getting tied up ready for the children to journey onto their secondary schools. 
Photos are regularly being added to the website, please do have a look at them so you can see what the children are getting up to.

Week 1

The first week back after the half term has obviously been quite a short one for the learners.
None the less, it has bee nreally busy! We started off on Wednesday with the children getting into groups and planning a scientific experiement that they would teach to the year 4 children the following day! They all worked really well in their groups, designing fun and engaging lessons, creating resources that looked really interesting, submitting lesson plans and ensuring that they had all the necessary equipment! I was really impressed with their planning and resourcing! I should have used them more often throughout the year! During the afternoon they were working on their team skills whilst building dens in forest school with Miss Sanders. Many children did not have appropriate forest school kit and because it rained, we decided as teachers, that they should consider that a lesson learned for forgetting to bring the correct kit in.
On Thursday, the children became the teachers! I have to say, they did a marvellous job of it to! I was a bit bored just wandering around the classroom. The children didn't need me to help them in any way at all. They were fantastic teachers - they engaged the year four learners with what they were meant to be doing and taught them really well with concepts, vocabulary! They even marked and assessed what they taught! I am definitely going to do this more often.
The children took part in art with Mrs Lethbridge in the afternoon, whilst I did writing boosting.
On Friday, the children spent the morning rehearsing on the stage! (It's now up!) This was really good according to Mr Wichard, who was teaching the class.
In the afternoon, I had the children taking part in the Big Write, writing a scientific report.

A busy week has been had by the lovely year 6s. It's bonkers that their year is drawing to a close here, however, still loads to do!

Next week is mainly production and PE, with a bit of maths. This is because the week after, there are less production rehearsals.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, we're off to camp 3 weeks on Monday!

Week 2

It has been a very production heavy week this week in Willow class. Next week is very focused on sport, so we had to get a lot of rehearsals in for our production. The acting is slowly coming along! We are currently at that stage where it is quite frustrating at times when children don't follow their stage directions each time. Some learners are doing a great job. Children also worked well on some maths investigations this week, using their skills to apply their understanding.
Children have also taken part in the big write this week, arguing against a new policy that Mr Michael Gove wants to put in place: "Outdoor learning should be taken from the new curriculum".
They completely bought this and wrote persuasive arguments against (A couple for!) it. I revealed to them that it was untrue and they were so surprised that they fell for it!
They have done some really nice art this week, using oil pastels to draw lillies and then putting baby oil on these, which in turn, creates a stained-glass window effect.
On friday, we hammered some of the production and had a really successful run through!
The children then went out and did risk rounders in the morning before it got too hot, but some children failed to tell me that they had put sun cream on, even after asking/reminding them, and they now feel very hot and flustered.
It is IMPERATIVE that all children come to school with sun cream. Some members of the class think that they don't need to wear sun cream because they don't burn! PLEASE send some cream in with your child throughout the summer term. It is their responsibility to apply it once in school.
We spent the afternoon inside, using laptops and playing circle time.

2 weeks to go before camp!!
Very exciting!

Week 3

What a fantastic and busy week we have had in year 6! This week, we had a focus on sports to coincide with the world cup! We held our own world cup tournament of rounders and kwik cricket in key stage 2, following two days of skills based activities. Miss Webb taught the learners how to improve in their rounders skills, whilst Mr Wichard did kwik cricket. Miss Sanders got the children to sew their favourite sports on a swatch, which will be combined to make one large tapestry of sport. Miss Miller had the children designing coats of arms for their class and they created big banners to take along to our sports day on the Thursday to support each other.
It has been a wonderful week and we have been absolutely blessed with gorgeous weather. The children all worked together as a team and were SO supportive of each other as a team…they cheered their own class on in a positive way and there was no negative jeers for the other classes.
In the morning, year 6 took on year 5 in a game of rounders and then after that, race rounders. The children absolutely smashed it and everyone in the class got involved and made sure their fielding skills were tip-top so that they got lots of year 5 children out!
In the afternoon, they took on year 5 again in games of kwik cricket. The class was split in half so that they could get a good game going on! Once again, year 6 won both games. So, all in all, they didn't lose a game, despite year 5 putting up a very good fight! Well done to everyone in the class…I am quite competitive myself, so was chuffed to see us coming out on top! Unfortunately, Callum and Max (who were really looking forward to that day and showing their fantastic sports skills) were both away and didn't get to join in; the rest of the class won their games for those boys! 
We have also done lots of production rehearsals…it is shaping up really nicely now and the children are all pretty confident with their lines! They now need to work on the usuals…volume, annunciation and acting the lines rather than just saying it!
Please start bringing in costumes, I would like children who have several costume changes to try doing this soon just to be sure that they have enough time.
One more week to go before camp…we have production, sex education, the big write and PE to look forward to next week.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Week 4

What a productive and busy week we have had!
Year 6 were brilliant and really mature during our sex education and it was quite enjoyable hearing their adult questioning methods. We have also spent time this week playing Kwik cricket and REALLY hammering the production (run-throughs with the rest of key stage 2, technical bits and bobs, costume checks etc) We are in a really good position for when we return from camp.

It has been very tricky to manage their excitement for is literally bubbling over the edge.
Friday was spent doing rounders, ICT and circle time! We are all so excited for camp, I hope that everyone has a safe and relaxing weekend!
I will see you either at 9am or 10am...all packed and ready to go!
Please remember to bring a packed lunch (that you can throw away at the end) with you on Monday and a full water bottle. It is your responsibilty to look after your water bottle yourselves.
Don't forget - NO MONEY OR SWEETS. The school have been generous enough to provide the children with snacks to keep them happy throughout the week.
Any food that they bring will be conviscated.
I will keep you updated with what is happening on the residential...please click on the link below to follow our daily blog and see photographs. We also send some back to school so that they can be printed off and displayed!


Week 6

Well, we have come back from camp and after a restful weekend, the children have launched back into school well. On Monday, children began to form their end of year speeches, which they will read out at the leavers assembly on the 21st July. Children have thought about public speaking and how they should form their writing so that they can engage an audience. Children then edited and improved these on Wednesday with Miss Sanders.
On Tuesday, children got involved with a game of Kwik Cricket and they also got busy rehearsing for the production. I am really impressed by how children all remembered their lines. There are no issues with remembering lines and I don't have to do any prompting. There are still some children who need to project their voices further. The singing is absolutely incredible and our chorus from years 3, 4 and 5 is superb!
We have had a  heavy production week, which finished on Friday with the dress rehearsal, which was performed to key stage 1. Mr Day, Mr Hamlen, Mrs Lethbridge and Mrs Sapoff, along with their class, were really impressed with the whole production. I was very proud of my class of budding actors! Amelie and Harry C are absolutely sensational!
Before that, we had a jump up morning, where next year's classes spent the morning with their new teachers. Whilst I was getting to know the current year 5 class, Mrs Harding took year 6 to do some nice art work. It has been a really busy week, all in preparation for the production. 
We are looking forward to performing it to parents, friends and family on Monday and Tuesday evening. Remember, we open at the hall door (in the carpark) at 5:45pm. It is first-come, first-served. Please ensure your year 6 child is in school from 5pm so they can get into costume and make-up. One more full week left with this wonderful class…let's make it the nicest one yet!
Have a great weekend!

Week 7

It has been an amazingly busy week! On Monday, year 6 showed just how amazing they could be and completely shone during sports day. The captains were brilliant at organising learners about and were a real help for Miss Webb. They even managed to do all of this as well as compete themselves in the afternoon. What a successful day; I couldn't have done it without them. The children were all getting excited about the upcoming production, which went amazingly well! The class all remembered their lines and acted their little hearts out! I was a very proud class teacher. On Tuesday, we had some workshops throughout the day all about the topic; Jamboree. The children had a session where we learned about the kora (A musical instrument from Senegal in Africa). The children were treated to music from it, along with the men singing for us and showing how they are made. Every child then got to have a go on it. In the afternoon, we then had a dance workshop, where we learned how to dance Samba carnival music! In groups, they devised Samba moves from all sorts, such as riding a bike, drinking coffee or being in the jungle. They then donned various carnival gear and put the whole routine together.


This busy day was then followed by the production once more, where the children completely smashed it! It is hands down, the best acting I have seen in a group of year 6s. Well done on all of your hard work! 


Wednesday begun with their mathematical enquiry! I became 'Alan Sugar' and I gave each mini apprentice team a brief where they had to organise and plan a weekend in London for a couple. They had to meet various needs including accommodations, restaurants, tourist spots and train travel. The team with the lowest cost that met all the needs would win. They had to plan all this and prepare to enter the 'boardroom' with their project on Friday. A fantastic morning and it was brilliant watching each team compete in a friendly way and apply so many different skills.
Thursday was a morning of PE - we completed the sports day race that we didn't get to do with year 4 and 5. On Thursday afternoon, we spent this doing music. The first session was a workshop doing Samba carnival drumming. We had various instruments including snare drums, Jembe drums and Tamborinas. It was fantastic. The man who was running the workshop was fantastic with energy and using his 'one-man band' collection of instruments showed amazing talent. He taught each group various rhythms to play and we put this all together to create our own 'house music'. It was brilliant! Every child put everything into this and they were all clearly having tons and tons of fun! They then took these skills and put musical rhythm to their own songs that they had written about leaving the meadows to various pop song tunes. The songs that they had written were brilliant! Great lyrics and singing.
Friday arrived, after a very long week, and the children started the day by presenting their boardroom trips to 'Alan Sugar'. Each group entered the room, met with Alan and discussed their pitch. It was a great atmosphere and children responded really well to a form of public speaking and coming under scrutiny. What a fantastic Friday it was. Only two more days to go until these lovely learners move on from us! They have been amazing and I can't quite believe it's almost over. I've had the pleasure to teach them for two years rather than just one. I am very much looking forward to spending these last two days with them. We have the leavers service to go, along with the KS2 Jamboree carnival and a water fight.

The final two days

It has been a wonderful final two days!
The children have been really excited about finishing school and have put everything into the last two days.
On Monday, we started the day with a final game of rounders! It has been fantastic to see these children progress on to becoming brilliant rounders players! During the afternoon, we headed down to our leavers service for the year. It was fantastic to hear all of the children share their memories over their time at the Meadows and showed great courage to stand up and address all of the people in the church. We then awarded the children with their dictionaries and gifts from the Church. The two awards to children for outstanding achievements went to Charli and Connor. Both of these learners were thoroughly deserved of these awards and it was an honour to give it to them. 
On Tuesday, children came to school in their shirts, all set to be signed. Children spent the morning playing games in the classroom and signing each others shirts. They were highly anticipant of their watertight in the afternoon, but before this, we watched the rest of the key stage perform their carnival. It was fun to see them parade around the field with their floats and listen to the music that they are creating. 
The children then had their water fight and it was so much fun! I thoroughly enjoyed spraying all the children with the hose as they queued up to get water! They then played on the field, chasing each other around with their water guns. It was really fun to watch them finish their school time on such a high.
It has been a fantastic year with this class and I shall miss them all very much! I've had the privilege of teaching them for two years at The Meadows and I will never forget them.
On a personal note, I would like to express my sincere thanks for all the wonderful presents, flowers and cards I have received from the parents and the children! I am so grateful and truly humbled by all of your kind words. Your children are all wonderful and such amazing, individual characters! I wish them all the best of luck as they move onto their secondary schools; I know that they will all achieve amazing things in the future.

Thank you and wishing you all a wonderful summer! 

Miss Webb