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Year 6 Manor Adventure

Scroll down and have a look at all the fantastic photos we have of our year six class having the most amazing time!

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Manor Adventure Blog
Day 1
On arrival, the children unpacked their bags and then got themselves ready for their first activity! Children were put into their activity groups and off they went! The first group headed off to tackle low ropes and the second started with archery! Archery was a lot of fun; they played some fun, competitive games and all ended up with a job, a home and a pet! (of varying levels of quality, ranging from cardboard boxes to diamond castles, jobless to being famous, and rats to talking monkey butlers!)
The low ropes was a fun challenge, with a strategically placed mud pit underneath a very difficult part to pass! Several bottoms got very muddy.
After dinner, one group were raft building (everyone got soaked!) and the others were doing zip wire! A huge challenge when climbing up the rope, but a great reward to come zooming down it! Weeeeeeeee!

Day 2
Children got up nice and early! (they were fantastic at getting straight up, showered and ready, some were even up before we got to them) After a yummy cooked breakfast, the children headed off to their activities. One group were on the zip wire and the others were off on a double cycling activity! The cycling was a huge hit and everyone had a fantastic time, with many of them saying how it was one of their favourite activities, even with aching bums in the evening! Children enjoyed rollercoasting around the Welsh hills and stopping for a break to see who could skim stones the furthest.

All the children doing zip wire did a terrific job just like the first group, encouraging each other really nicely. They then headed off to do 'stand up paddle boarding', an activity everyone was very excited and curious to do. All the children took to it really easily, making it look far too easy. Some children fell in whilst others did a good job, however the instructors decided that they were far too dry so took to capsizing them was very funny. The instructor played lots of great games with the children, including times when they had to try and do a roly-poly on their board and a very popular game of pirates! Josh H pushed Miss Webb in the water (albeit he was playing a game...)

The afternoon was a swap over, where the other group did cycling, whilst the earlier cyclists did the obstacle course and paddle boarding. The obstacle course was a great success, children managing to help each other out really well and master some tricky sections! Getting children through the tyres was incredibly entertaining, some got themselves into fits of giggles leading them to become stuck!
Then came the stand-up paddle boarding, which was fantastic! This group's instructor was much more about getting the children in the water, so the first task was for the children to try and jump onto other people's boards! Children were all very good at this and loved it, many children succeeding in the jump, with the purpose ultimately being to make sure the other person falls off.
Miss Webb spent half of this session in the water, with the children victimising her!!! 6 children purposefully got her in the water atleast twice each! All in good jest, but my was it cold!

The evening then consisted of a whole class activity of 'wide games', where everyone had great fun playing sharky sharky, 40-40, bish-bash-bosh-boosh and many others! 

Day 3
A very wet day today!! Children were up and off, heading for their activities. One group were taking on Archery, playing for the cutlery that they were allowed to use at lunchtime. The other group started the morning climbing. It was a real challenge for some children to get to the top, but they didn't give up which is the main thing and all group members managed to get to the top successfully! Lauren L, although quite scared to begin with, managed to reach the top on 1 minute! Olly and Max were very close behind her, a matter of seconds between them all! 
They then went off to do fencing and the onstacle course! The children were great at team work on the obstacle course and took it on in slightly muddier conditions! the fencing group were taught about diffrerent pieces of equipment and then were shown how to take part in a fencing duel! 
The whole class then did canoe-kayak together, a whole 2 sessions down at the lake, taking part together. 
Children really had to work together to show teamwork and especially to display good balance! It was all going so well until some children lost went Lauren S, Josh H & Charlie! 
Anderson, Max and Josh R capsized Miss Webb and Mr Suffolk...thanks for that!
After a quick hot drink break, it was onto the kayaks, where control was much easier as they were 1-man kayaks! 
We had a really leisurely time paddling our kayaks with a few different games in between! 

After dinner, one group headed off to do Climbing, whilst the others headed back to the lake AGAIN for further water activities. They were bulding rafts this time out of barrells, rope and was a lhilarious activity and the children had a fantastic time, with all showing positive attitudes to falling into the lake AGAIN! 
The climbers did a wonderful job, with Josh R beating Lauren's fastest time; getting up to the top in 22 seconds flat! This also beat Mr Suffolk's score of 37 sexonds! Well done Josh! 
Another fantastic's going oh so quickly! Lots of busy things happening tomorrow, including our overnight camp!

Day 4
A fabulous day today! Children began with both groups doing abseiling and rifles! All of the children managed to get a good hit on the target in rifles. Jack, Oliver, Izzie D & Miss Webb all hit the 'target' before being taught how to aim. Abseiling was a fantastic activity. All of the children embraced it well and had a definite 'no-fear' attitude. All except Miss Webb, who took about 5 minutes to pluck up the courage to go off of the edge of the wall. It took a lot of encouragement from the children, including other children from different schools, all chanting her name! A huge fear overcome thanks to the children.
 After lunch, children went on to have a go at the lake challenge where they all got to zip wire over the lake and then the rest of the group had to work together to pull it back across! A great team effort and a lot of fun doing the zip wire. The other group took on fencing and enjoyed playing lots of games, they particularly enojoyed the 'duel' challenge where they had the opportunity to hit their opponant around the face with the glove! (masks on of course!)

A nice relaxing activity building shelters followed, where the children enjoyed building their shelters. One group's shelter was given the compliment of the best shelter seen there this year! After a fantastic evening meal (a lovely BBQ outdoors where lots of lovely conversations were going on, everyone in a fabulous mood!) we headed off to the overnight camp area. Children set up their tents and got ready for an evening of fun (despite the abundance of midges!)
Children played a game of 40-40, hiding in and around the area. Hats off to Izzie D who mananged to get 'in' by hopping across the field at phenomenal speed. They then had a game of knights, cavaliers and princesses! This involved adopting different positions as quick as they are called out. They had to 'knight' their partner, to get a cavalier they had to jump on their partner's back and then the princess move was to 'sweep' them up in their arms! It was hilarious to watch and then the adults took part as well, with Miss Webb teaming up with Olivia and Mr Wichard & Mr Suffolk teaming up together! Miss Webb & Olivia were victorious in this round!
Children then played a game of sniper, where they had to hide in the long grass and get closer and closer each time the whistle blew, without getting seen! The sniper had to direct bullets where they children were hiding and when they were in position, they had to 'shoot' them, making them out! Jack got incredibly close and just lost out to Josh H. Miss Webb, Sam and Oliver all got pretty close to winning!
The evening went on with hot chocolate and marshmallows, songs around the camp fire along with some mind-trick games! Ask your child how to play black magic!
A late night that evening, with lots of giggles in the tents and some questionable 'singing' from the boys! What a great over night camp!

Day 5
The final day dawned, with an early morning wake up in the field! Children (and adults!) were all very tired and eager to get back and shower! The children had the first session off to get themselves organised and packed ready to go home. Some free time before their second activity led to a quick, fun game of 40-40 in the open area! It was fantastic to see everyone joining in and having fun!
The final activities for the children were shelter building and the low ropes. The latter was great fun, with children taking on different obstacles, tackling various levels of difficulty and working well with their partners! They were then given a challenge to take a cup of water around the course without losing any of it! 
Oliver managed to get all of the way round and saved most of his water, Max got all the way around but lost a considerable amount more! Issy on the other hand, didn't get past the first obstacle before she ended up covered in water! Hilarious! 
We ended the camp having lunch together as a class and enjoying chatting about favourite camp moments and coming to the realisation that primary school for these guys is almost over! A very exciting time, but sad as well.
We've had a fantastic week and enjoyed every moment come rain or shine!

Year 6
What a sensational camp this has been, it has been so nice to spend time with the children outside of the classroom and just enjoy the small things like chatting to them at meal times! A really special class for me and I have loved this week with everyone - I'll remember it forever I'm sure! We've created some fun memories.
Miss Webb

Mr Wichard and Mr Suffolk also said how enjoyable camp has been this week!
What a fantastic week year 6, enjoy the photos and make sure you submit your camp memories on the school website!
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